When You Hire Chiocca Homes, You Get Experience,
Knowledge, Quality and Commitment…

Customers are always excited at the beginning of the construction process; our goal is for our customers to be even more excited when the project is completed and they move in. We believe that satisfied clients are our best form of advertising. The majority of our projects come as the result of referrals. We have built second and even third homes for some of our clients, while completing structural room additions and renovations for other past clients.

Decades of experience have taught us to incorporate some specific construction practices into our work which are not necessarily standard with all residential contractors. Along with very specific and consistent construction details we realized long ago that we and the product we ultimately produce are only as good as our employees, subcontractors and suppliers. We view our subcontractors and suppliers as are trade partners and they are a vitally important part of our business model. Many have been partnered with us for 20 years or more.

We are proud of our reputation for providing exceptional customer service and encourage strong client involvement from the design phase to the finishing touches. We always listen to specific needs and will gladly customize your home to fit your family’s tastes and lifestyles.


We recognize the importance of proper planning and scheduling on all our projects. This saves you money, produces a better end product and makes for a smooth running job. We work directly with you to plan the job from the start. Our professional estimating, project managing, and production experience is your guarantee that the project is completed on time, with uncompromising quality.



With in-house drafting and architectural design we work with every client to create their ideal living space. Not sure what you are looking for? We will work with you to on different options for your new space.



We have been building custom homes for decades which means we understand the process, budget, and timeline. We have design down to an art form, and process down to a fine science.


We also work diligently to make sure that even after the project is complete any necessary follow up service work is performed in a timely manner to further ensure each clients satisfaction.