“We hired Chiocca Homes to remodel our waterfront home. Rich and his team were very helpful and knowledgeable in obtaining all of the permits and variances needed to complete the job. They were responsible for both the design and construction of our project. Their design resulted in a much better layout and a more pleasing esthetic to our home. The construction went smoothly with an attention to detail and was completed on time. We are very pleased with our newly remodeled home and would recommend Chiocca Homes to anyone considering a building or remodel project.”

John and Debbie

Amherst NH

It’s been over a year since you built our custom house in Hollis. During this time our observations of the house – the grand aspects and the smallest details – have continuously reminded us of the excellent job you and Chiocca Homes did in building our house. We felt it was appropriate to share some of these thoughts of appreciation with you.

As with all large contracts there is a limit to the detail which can be placed into the written contract. In a good contractual relationship there must be elements of trust that a buyer has in his contractor that goes along with the written contract. The buyer trusts that his contractor will do a quality job and that he has customer satisfaction as a paramount goal. The buyer expects the contractor to make all reasonable efforts possible to maintain customer satisfaction after the contract has been signed.

In this most important area, you should be commended. Our trust in you and Chiocca Homes remained intact during the building of the house and through the few call-backs since that time. You never once failed to deal with the problems and headaches we encountered along the way that are typical with building a house. Moreover, you dealt with these problems with the proper responsible attitude and understanding, knowing that the best way to solve a problem is to address it head-on in a constructive manner, and that some of the worst ways to address a problem is to deny it exists, delay resolution or resort to finger pointing.

In the area of building skills Chiocca Homes again has our highest compliments. The quality of workmanship performed by your subcontractors and your own crew was consistently of the highest standards. Even in the areas unspecified by the contract, we always found high quality material, products or building techniques being employed as standard operating procedure by Chiocca Homes.

Finally, you proved to us that your skills in project management are top notch. All aspects of project planning, cost estimation, work scheduling, work inspections, and problem resolution were done with accuracy, thoroughness and in a timely manner.

If we had to do it all over again, we would come back to you and your crew. As two completely satisfied customers, we can fully recommend Chiocca Homes, without reservation, to others – as we have already done so. Once again, thanks to you for building us a beautiful and superbly constructed house.”

Eric and Karen

Hollis NH

In late August I passed the three-year anniversary of the completion of my move to Durham, NH. As you probably remember all too well, it was an enormous struggle – even though I knew it was the right thing to do.

Of course, I now love being here, and I am truly very blessed with this house – both inside and out, and with the grounds which are (I say immodestly) gorgeous front and back! The supreme compliment came from the infamous building inspector, Tom Johnson. After checking on the last work I had done he said that if ever I wanted to sell, “do not call a realtor – call me because my wife would love this house.”

But I am well aware that none of this would have happened without your amazing and steadfast support over those many months. You were such a trooper, Rich – looking at multiple houses, exploring all sorts of possibilities, suggesting a realtor (Donna Wrobel who was so helpful), a house inspector who then recommended the mortgage company for the short term coverage, and on and on – you were virtually holding my hand every step of the way.

I probably was a huge pain in the neck at the time. Just know that now I am acutely aware of all that you did to help me at a very difficult time – and I am profoundly, eternally grateful to you.


Durham NH

“Thank you so much for making our remodel such a success. We are very grateful that Granite State Cabinetry referred us to you. We appreciate all the attention to detail and your patience in the progress. It was a huge undertaking for us and we are so delighted with the results. We are really enjoying hosting lots of our family and friends in the new room and love the flow of the downstairs. Thank you for your excellence.”

Greg and Meg

Merrimack NH

“In the summer of 2010 we were in a home renovation nightmare due to a different contractor. Then we hired Chiocca Homes and the nightmare ended. What a difference working with someone who knows what he is doing! Rich renovated our master bath, as well as replaced our roof, reinsulated the attic and made some structural repairs to our 20 year old home. Rich’s work is of high quality, on time and on budget.

We were so pleased with his work that we did not hesitate to hire him to do a full kitchen renovation and a mudroom addition in the fall of 2011. With so many disciplines involved in a kitchen renovation – design, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing, electrical, countertops, lighting – planning and timing are essential. Rich is a master coordinator of all these components and sticks to his schedule. When Rich tells you “the kitchen window is going in on Monday” – well, the window is in on Monday. He was onsite every day and if we missed his visit, he would call us to report on progress and what to expect next. His crews are skilled, polite and cleaned up the worksite daily.

Rich is easy to work with, he actually listens to what you want, he is creative, he can design and custom build anything, he pays attention to small details and he doesn’t cut corners. He even returns phone calls promptly! He is honest and reliable. We highly recommend him.”

Mark and Carol

Bedford NH

“It is a genuine pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Chiocca Homes. Rich built our retirement home in Hollis, N.H. two years ago, and it is my purpose to review our experience with him for your consideration.

My wife and I purchased a wooded lot while I was still working in Ridgefield, Connecticut. I had a firm retirement date plus a time deadline to meet IRS requirements regarding reinvestment towards the purchase of a new home. My wife and I contacted and interviewed several builders in the area. We approached the decision with considerable concern because of a very bad experience in building, our time deadline and the fact we lived 200 miles south. In the end we chose Rich Chiocca on the basis of visiting several houses he had built in the area, his genuine interest in our plans and his very competitive bid. Our house is a 3400 square foot custom house with attached deck, garage and screened porch.

Our choice turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. From beginning to end Rich was fully cooperative, suggested many creative changes which have proven very important, and used only top quality materials in construction. His two foremen were talented men and the work crews were men I could trust. The landscaper was especially good and took extra pains to preserve key trees and topographical features on the lot.

Chiocca Homes beat our timetable by three weeks which made our life much easier in moving in and in totally resolving the IRS problem. Once we moved in and paid the final bill, Rich did not forget us. He or one of his foremen promptly responded to correct minor problems that occur in the first year of any new home.

One problem with building is that you may get a competitive bid and then get killed on extras. We decided on several important changes and addition during construction. The total bill for all of them was very reasonable.

We would be pleased to have Rich show you around the house and property so that you can view for yourself the quality of his work.

Bill and Susan

Hollis NH

“We met Rich Chiocca 20 years ago when we went looking to build our first custom home in Bedford.  The building process is a very time consuming process and he was very patient and extremely knowledgeable with us during the entire process.  Ten years later we found ourselves looking to build again so we contacted Rich and knowing his reputation as a builder and the quality of work from the first home he built for us.  We worked together again to build our second custom home which we have enjoyed now for 10 years.  I have recommended him to other people and will continue to do so in the future.”

Pat and Lori

Bedford NH

“We contracted with Chiocca Homes for the construction of a 500 Sq. Ft.. octagonal-shaped four-season room to be added to our home.  The over-riding requirement we levied on Rich Chiocca was that the addition could not look like an addition: the final result had to look like it had always been part of the original construction of the home.  At first we were going to use an architect to draw up the design we envisioned, but after meeting and discussing the project with Rich we decided that he had the ability to handle all of the architectural design details.  The design was complex but its creation was flawless; every detail of the room is exactly what we wanted.  Rich perfectly replicated what we envisioned In our minds onto the plans and construction documents and into reality.  During construction, the only changes to the design were driven by us, and were handled in a very methodical way to insure that all parties knew we were deviating from the original plan and to also be completely clear on the cost and schedule implications (if any).  The project started the day Rich had promised and finished on schedule; execution of the project was smooth, unbroken, and flawless.  We had no disappointments or surprises; all of the contractors Chiocca Homes used were courteous and professional.  The fit and finish is perfect and there is absolutely no way to tell that this is an addition either externally or internally.  The experience of working with Rich was really terrific to the point of being sorry when the project ended.  We are absolutely 100% pleased with the final results.”

Walter and Jane

Bedford NH